• How To Teach Any Pokemon Any Move

   1. Buy A Normal Type TM Move (Or Any TM that is the type of Pokemon)
   2. Click "My Zone" , Go To Your Pokemon And Click "View All My Pokemon / Setup My Battle Team"
   3. Click on a Pokemon , And Copy/Write Down the "UNIQUE #"
   4. Go Down To The Learn TM Section , and click on "show my available TMs"
   5. Inspect Element On The "Learn" Next To The Name
   6. Then you'll have the following:
                    <a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="return learnTM(' The Number', ' Unique # ', '2');">Learn</a>
                                                     The Number = TM ID you bought , Unique # = Number Of Pokemon
   7. Go To The Shop and find a TM , now inspect element on the TM , you'll see a code like :

                    <img src="" alt="TM02 - Dragon Claw" style="width:24px; height:24px;">

                           Thats For Dragon Claw ONLY
    8. Do STEP 2 Again And STEP 5
   9. Now The Number change to the number at step 6 ..
  10. Change it now exit inspect element . click learn and if you do it right your done!